About Us

Teaching Requirements
As trained professions, all our teachers have extensive background checks because we demand the highest ethical, music skills, and personality requirements of our teachers. We encourage members to cator to students and play top hits as well as teach them to write their own songs. We believe our program promotes high self esteem, teamwork, goal setting, and community entertainment.

Our Philosophy
As musicians, we believe life is about a rhythm, and music is ingrained in the fabric of our lives. We are designed to operate in a rhythmic pattern of existence which is why those of us who appreciate music understand how harmonics teleport us into a dimension between reality and the soul. A place where melodious sounds resonate our emotions and break us down into clear and pure unity of tranquil energetic surrender.

Come Join us space is available

Rhythm Fire School of Music is located in Olympia & Tacoma Washington. Our School OnSite program is available in Olympia, Tacoma, and Portland/Beaverton Oregon.

Contact us to have RhythmFire brought to your a school in your area.

We are always looking to help share music.