Introduction to:
Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Drums, Vocals


Week 1

Introductions: Teacher, students


Course Explanation-  Show instruments

Teacher plays a bit of each instrument, explanation

Students walk around and touch each instrument

Teacher asks what favorite songs are then plays them through PA while students examine instruments.


Week 2 &3


Re introduce

Use white board to Draw Keyboard and identify one octave of keys on Piano

Demonstration of one octave major scale on keyboard

Musical alphabet

Do re mi fa so la ti do

Explanation  and demonstration of major  and minor chord

Each student plays c major scale and c major chord, D minor and E minor

Favorite songs through PA

Students free to touch all instrument


Week 3 and 4

Introduce drum set

Indentify and listen to each piece on set

Explanation of 4/4 and 3/4 time

Explanation of counting and rhythm

Demonstrate basic rock beat

Hands on drum sticks, Play basic beats on drums

Play along to favorite music


Week 5, 6 and 7


Introduce acoustic and electric guitar and their components

Demonstrate proper posture

Play twinkle twinkle little star on 1st string

Introduce and play power chords

Demonstrate and play open chords


Week 8

Introduce Bass Guitar

Identify musical alphabet on neck

Play chromatic scale

Play bass line to song


Week 9

Introduce Microphone

Sing along with favorite songs with microphone


Week 10,11

Create a band with all instruments

Rehearse song or two to perform


Week 12

Perform songs for parents

Recommend further instruction on specific instrument