Marcelo Portaro

Guitar Teacher and Band Coach

Marcelo started playing the guitar at the age of 13. He is a young musician born and raised in Peru with a wide variety of musical influences. He studied music in Barcelona for 3 years at the" L'Aula de Music". Afterwards, he returned to Peru to learn the roots of south-american music and studied with different masters. Marcelo wanted to explore his horizons, so he decided to go to Seattle. He quickly found a band "Dog Leg Preacher", and with them won the "battle of the bands" that got them into the biggest motorcycle festival in the world "Sturgis". They got to play after bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice in Chains, Doobie Brothers, Kiss, Guns'&Roses, etc. The band was very successful and people loved it. He is now in Olympia sharing his skills with us. Marcelo's priority has always been playing music from the heart and in a very humble way. He enjoys playing and teaching any kind of music, blues, jazz, funk, reggae, classical, south- American, rock, country, etc. He is currently working hard to finish his music book with his own arrangements and getting his music master.

"I love sharing all that I know with others to help bring more musicians into this world"