Mark O'Brien

Owner: Vocal Coach, Band Coach

I am a Western Washington local, graduated from Gonzaga University taking numerous instrumental and vocal classes and seminars. I grew up listening to as much music as I could get my hands on! I couldn't get enough. I started on Drums and Trumpet, played in jazz band in college, and now am a multi-instrumentalist with 20 years professional experience on stage. Performing with Joe Cocker band, Kenny Rogers and with the Bob Newhart Show band have been the highlights of my career so far. I like all types of music and enjoy performing Rock, R&B, and Pop. Teaching music in New Zealand and now at Rhythm Fire has been my passion, as well as raising a family and singing lead and background vocals in a working band. Rhythm Fire School of Music and Performance is a natural progression for my musical life and I look forward to every day at the school.