Skyler Blake

guitar Teacher and Band Coach

Born and raised in Washington State, Skyler Blake has been playing music since the 3rd grade. Starting with piano and coronet lessons it wasn' long before the guitar was his main instrument. He has played in bands such as 7Fold, Everyday Newborn, Crusoe' Friday, Penny Drive, Flux Capacitor, Brian Fiest, Wynston Jarrett and currently Sour Owl. Skyler spent many years leading the youth worship ministry at his home church in Monroe, WA, where he also orchestrated The Gathering; a youth lead quarterly music ministry event.

Studying in Kirkland, WA, Skyler received his Bachelor's Degree in Music from Northwest College in '01, where he had the pleasure of traveling through the States and across Europe with several collegiate ensembles such as One Voice, His Praise, Master's Chorale and Shake The Nations.

Directly after graduating, Skyler was offered a job in Olympia, WA, where he set off to begin working for Evergreen Christian Community as their youth music/worship director. Over the years, Skyler has hosted several open mics in town, meeting and playing with many inspiring people and musicians.

Having taught music privately for many years, Skyler is now proud to be working for the Rhythm Fire School of Music as one of their educators.

With a lifetime immersed in music, Skyler has come to know music as a precious gift and a universal language that provides healthy expressions for individuals and creates a perfect opportunity to learn how to cooperate harmoniously with others.

Lets rock!